Things to Know About LEED Exams

The LEED v4 exam is dependent on the following text message specifications and referrals. The exam questions reveal Job Domains and Knowledge Domains. LEED accreditation is one of the very most recognized and founded skills available. However, the checks are challenging and require the right research material to spread the very first time. I created this set of the best LEED exam prep materials currently available to help you complete the checks quickly and effectively.

Task Domains: Job Domains reveal the tasks essential to perform LEED securely and effectively. Included in these are ideas such as LEED Task and Team Coordination, LEED Qualification Process, Analyses Necessary for LEED Credits, and Advocacy and Education for Adoption for LEED Ranking System.

  • LEED Green Affiliate Tasks (100%)
  • Knowledge Domains: Knowledge Domains reveal the ranking systems’ credit categories and what one must know. Included in these are ideas such as LEED Process, Integrative Strategies, LEED Exams credit categories, and Task Surroundings and General public Outreach.
  • LEED Process (16 questions)
  • Integrative Strategies (8 questions)
  • Location and Transport (7 questions)
  • Lasting Sites (7 questions)
  • Drinking water Efficiency (9 questions)
  • Energy and Atmosphere (10 questions)
  • Materials and Resources (9 questions)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (8 questions)
  • Project Environment and General public Outreach (11 questions)

The LEED Green Affiliate Exam Planning Guide, LEED v4 Release was created to help you complete the LEED Green Affiliate exam. The exam prep guide catches the critical factors you should know about green building. In addition, it reflects the framework of the exam knowledge and job domains to arrange foundational ideas in green building and LEED. The exam prep guide can help you plan the exam by emphasizing key conditions and providing software learning through practice questions. This source will be found in conjunction with the exam main references, like the LEED Core Ideas Guide. Usage of a number of digital resources that enhance learning is also incorporated with this guide. These resources include practice questions, an entire practice exam, printable flashcards, an illustrated glossary, and more! The LEED Primary Concepts Guide presents the green building basic principles to truly get you began on your learning route. This release features updates predicated on LEED v4, the latest version of the LEED green building program.

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Who it’s for:

  • Candidates finding your way through the LEED Green Affiliate exam
  • Experts and students running a business, hospitality, agriculture, marketing, executive, regulation, and other areas who want to find out more about sustainability in the built environment, procedures, and management.
  • Anyone thinking about a soup to nut products overview of the fundamentals of green building ideas and strategies.

LEED Green Affiliate Research Guide LEED Exam Prep

Drawing on many years of experience with LEED and providing education materials to the people within the green building industry, the GBES LEED Green Affiliate Research Guide and other exam prep materials allows applicants with a multitude of backgrounds to complete their LEED GA examinations. Furthermore, GBES materials are constantly up to date to reveal both opinions from students and changes to the exam and LEED qualifications. Therefore, students can confidently research with GBES realizing that the info is up-to-date and student-centered.