Is it worth getting green gas for your business?

What is Green Gas?

Green Gas (Biomethane) is a type of gas that can be produced from grass, landfills, animal manure and more. These gases are captured, refined and then injected into the gas grid by green gas producers. Green Gas can be used instead of natural gas as it has the same characteristics and specifications.

How is Green Gas made?
Green Gas is created from a natural process called anaerobic digestion whereby organic material is converted into biomethane. This anaerobic digestion process is done in an oxygen-starved environment by allowing bacteria to break down naturally.

Green gas can be made from a number of biodegradable materials and the process differs slightly for each. Once the anaerobic digestion is complete, the CO2 is then removed and gets injected into the national grid providing it passes the minimum criteria set by the UK Gov. This can then be used in any gas appliance across the UK through a green gas business supplier.

The number of green gas plants in the UK has risen over 300% in the last 5 years. Due to this continued growth, many expect over 95% of all domestic demand to be fulfilled by green gas by 2035.

Benefits of Green Gas
Virtually Carbon Neutral
When we extract and burn gas from fossil fuels, we’re putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that was locked away for millions of years causing climate damage but biomethane is produced from organic materials that absorbed carbon dioxide while they grew. This means when green gas is burned, it only releases that same amount of carbon dioxide. It’s carbon-neutral since it doesn’t add more CO2 to the earth’s atmosphere.

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Supports British Farmers and our Rural Economy
Green gas can provide long-term financial security for British farmers by creating new opportunities, a fresh alternative to dairy and meat production which also accounts for 60% of farming’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduces our reliance on fossil fuel gas
It’s no secret that we’re very quickly using all of the earth’s natural fossil fuels however while we have agricultural crop waste, animal waste, food waste and grass; green gas is a very sustainable alternative.

All green gas is tracked from production to consumption. The process is currently governed by The Green Gas Certification Scheme and allows you to view any certificates or find out more information such as the location and method of extraction on their website.

Benefits of green gas for businesses
When you purchase green gas you will be given a certificate you can display to show your fight against climate change.

How to purchase Green Gas for your business?
Crown Gas and Power are leading the market in providing 100% green gas for businesses in the UK
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