What Is IDX & Why IDX Important in Real Estate

What Is IDX?

IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, is excatly why you and I are able to browse MLS listings online. More specifically, IDX will be the rules, licenses, and technologies that allow real estate agents to connect for an MLS and display listings on their websites.

IDX ‘s been around because the 1990’s to help agents market online. But since that time, the technologies have evolved a lot, resulting in four separate types of solutions that qualify as IDX.

Why IDX Important?

IDX is important due to growth of the Internet in real estate. As recently as 2017, NAR said that 51 percent of homebuyers found their home online. The percentage is even higher for young people.

Realtors need to advertise where in fact the buyers are. IDX helps address this need by giving the means for agents to display listings online.

WHAT’S an IDX Vendor?
Many realtors are tech savvy, but few have the background in database management necessary to establish and keep maintaining an IDX feed. When building an IDX site, most hire a consultant instead. This consultant is usually an IDX vendor, a tech company that specializes in IDX software and services.

The IDX vendor sells everything essential to create IDX by using an agent’s website. https://www.themadeinamericamovement.com/idx-broker/    click here for more info

IDX Benefits and drawbacks

You have more buyer leads who come to your internet site to search for properties that meet their criteria
You can simply acquire contact information from leads giving them the capability to save a search, join email updates when similar properties to enter the market, or develop a search account
You get valuable information about your leads – what sorts of properties they seek out, those they saved or favorited, the region they’re looking within, etc.
Guests who find a house they like will call or contact you because they saw the listing on your website
You as well as your buyer can save time by showing fewer homes before they find one they like
Adding the capability to search property listings can increase your web site traffic and transform your life analytics (just how long users stick to your website, reduced bounce rate, etc.)
You can stick out from opponents who aren’t offering search solutions on their websites

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Cons (that which you don’t like)

It won’t help your website rank better or become more visible in conditions of SEO. IDX functions aren’t technically part of your website, at least in the eyes of Google – it’s considered a “design element” instead
It could be expensive – some IDX website providers charge $250/month for a completely customizable IDX website, but most are below $100/month for sites with fewer features
IDX rules and regulations can be hard to comprehend and follow, and they’re different for each and every MLS
The IDX regulations may be difficult to stick to if you don’t really know what your MLS rules are. For example

Showing listings where the seller has requested it not be publicly posted
Allowing your IDX subscription to expire and leaving old listings posted
Copying information from your IDX and posting it outside your website
Changing the information in IDX listings at all
Despite having these drawbacks considered, IDX websites are an important part of today’s real estate agent’s online marketing plan. Without one, you can’t contend with more digitally-savvy agents.