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The frequent evolution of the construction industry has also created a need for progressive tools that are strong, durable and cost-effective. Furthermore, the market is becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to ensure that the various tools that are purchased are ergonomic and also have realised the long-term health benefits that arise from doing this. At OX Tools, the necessity to innovate has pressed us ahead of what the market desires, so that we provide tools as quickly that is tomorrow ready and effectively as is feasible.

As a supplier of professional tools, OX Tools sell right to retailers, providing them with excellent service, state-of-the-art merchandising solutions and a robust brand backed by loyal customers.

Filled with innovation, OX Tools improve the benchmark for tool performance to unprecedented levels. The materials and construction are of the highest quality that can withstand an unbelievable amount of push. Only heavy use can really demonstrate the energy and resistance of these tools.

Here’s a glance at a few of our best retailers and know how these tools add that extra manpower to a tradies work team:

Diamond Blades

OX Professional PU10 Gemstone Blades is your answer to all your cutting solutions at the building site. OX’s Diamonds Blades can trim through granite, natural natural stone, bricks, material, clay and concrete products with trouble-free precision and without leading to any structural injury to the quality of the blade. Ox is rolling out a proprietary SuperFast turbo technology to its diamond blades, which significantly increases the cutting experience.

OX’s Stone Blades are designed to previous, as you don’t have to wear don’t your wheel diameter, ensuring you can sustain your full cutting capacity until it’s time to replace the blade.

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The segmented cutting portion of each blade is 12 mm in height. Blade sizes change from 4 ins up to 14 ins and cover a number of tool classes.

Key features of the OX Professional PU10 Gemstone Blades:

Cuts everything over a construction site
Cooler cutting and semi-transparent in use
12 mm segment height
Reinforced center dish for safety
Semi-silent vibration damped
SuperFast turbo technology
Looking for the best cutting blade? Search no further. Explore our huge range of OX Pro Diamonds Blades.

OX Pro Torpedo Level

The tag of good carpentry and masonry are level as well as plumb lines and OX Tools supplies the ultimate leveling tool to include precision to assembling your project work. Presenting, the OX Expert Torpedo Level, definitely the toughest level in the world. The OX Expert Torpedo Level has a dual-pitch, an attribute specially made to help tradies ensure an effective slope. THE PARTICULAR LEVEL also activities 3 unbreakable acrylic shock-proof vials which include a tilted vial for a far more immediate view of the bubble. This is extremely ideal for tradies, especially plumbers, who’ve to set move rates, so drinking water drains properly through pipes.

Key top features of the OX Expert Torpedo Level:

The toughest torpedo level on the globe!
Tilted horizontal vial for a direct view of the bubble
3 Unbreakable acrylic shock-proof vials
Correctness <0.0005″/” (0.5mm/m)
25mm Thick profile – extremely strong construction
Finely milled surface with V-groove
Detail tools were never this robust. Get the own OX Pro Torpedo Level and add precision to your work.

OX Expert SS Tape Measure

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If you’re buying tape that can measure up to its competition, then go for the OX Tools SS Tape Measure. The OX Expert Tape Strategy is durable, reliable, created to previous and can solution in metric and imperial. It has a stainless steel circumstance which is safeguarded by a solid over-molded cushion grip for increased comfort and slip-resistance. The nylon-coated tape is 30mm wide and is also double-sided with easy-to-read markings. In addition, it includes a bull-horn twin-hold tang that easily clings to any material and the magnets on the tang ensure a steady hold on material.

The tape comes with an 8m horizontal standout as well as a fairly easy access thumb lock. The Ox Pro Tape Solution is Course II rated and is CE approved. The OX Expert Tape Measure with its award-winning ergonomic design, tuff construction and accuracy in measurement outperforms its competition and provides you full measured assurance at the worksite.

Key Features of the OX Expert Tape Measure

Professional tape measure
Stainless steel case with over mold for durable use
Extra rough nylon coated steel 30mm extensive blade
3.0m stand out
Large End hook
QUICK ACCESS thumb lock