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Are you seeing a few electrical issues in your home? The appliances and technology we use today have demanding power requirements. Whether you have an older home or a fairly new one, many homes will need to upgrade their electrical wiring at some point. Because much of your electrical system is out of sight, it can be easy to overlook signs that you may have a problem. Following are a few indications that you need to call a professional electrician for a safety inspection.

No, No to the Lights Down Low

Turning the lights down low is great for romantic evenings, but not so great if you’re just trying to live life in your home. When you turn on a light, turn on or plug in an appliance, or attempt to use a device, do the lights in the room flicker or go dim? The electric panels, wiring, or cables may need to be updated with upgraded versions because your current components aren’t able to handle the load. This is especially true if you use a lot of devices or appliances.

Do You Smell What Your House is Cooking?

If you smell something burning, obviously there’s a problem. An odor of burning rubber or melting plastic are other clear indications that the safety of your home is at serious risk.  Electrical wiring could be shorting out, melting, or becoming too hot behind the walls.

Don’t Blow a Fuse

If circuit breakers are being tripped often, that’s a sign that your electrical system is overloaded. Whether your electrical wiring is too old or is simply dated, it may be in need of upgrading if it’s causing problems. Your home’s electrical cables, circuit breakers, panels, and other components might need to be replaced in order to deal with the load placed on them by either power surges or just heavy usage. Outdated panels have limitations on available space to add circuits, outdated technology, or fuses that may blow.  As a result, they may simply stop working.

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So, what do you do if you’re seeing signs like these in your home? You need to get your home inspected by a professional without delay. KBM Electric is a locally-owned, family-operated business with more than 10 years of electrical experience. Fully licensed and insured, professionally trained in the latest electrical technologies, KBM work is guaranteed. Unlike other home improvements or remodeling, electrical work isn’t something you DIY. Though online videos and tutorials can be helpful, attempting electrical updates or repairs without the proper training and experience can have expensive and possibly dangerous consequences. KBM Electric offers a free home safety inspection, so there is no reason not have any issues you’re experiencing reviewed by a professional.

If an increase in the capacity of the existing electrical system is needed, an electrical remodel or electrical service upgrade is usually needed to accomplish this. Your home may simply not be operating with sufficient power to handle the increased demand of the various appliances and devices in today’s households. It’s important to schedule an inspection and consider home electrical wiring upgrades especially you are considering any home renovation plans. Your home may need to be updated in compliance with upgraded electrical codes, outlets may need to be added or moved, and your remodeling plans may require rewiring. If you’re going to have to have work done behind walls or ceilings for other reasons, it’s an ideal time to determine if you need to include electrical remodeling in your plans.