We care so much about the external air contaminants, do you know the indoor air we breathe contains contaminants? Well now you know. Not only the air outside contains pollutants but the indoor air that isn’t allowed to be circulated or doesn’t have proper means of cleaning suffers from excess of harmful pollutants. These pollutants might not seem harmful to everyone. But in reality the effects are hazardous. Aircon servicing Singapore is the solution. Air conditioners are the most used appliances at homes, offices, shopping centers conclusively every place where indoor air pollution occurs. Air conditioning service regularly will not only help in increasing the lifespan of the machine itself but ensure a healthy environment to breathe in.

The air pollutants are widely divided into certain types, the types of air pollutants that are toxic and have hazardous symptoms are listed below:

Types of air pollutants:

According to the US green technology there are seven pollutants mainly found in indoor air. These are very harmful substances. These have hazardous effect on health that might not be visible and later be the reason of detoriating health of the individuals suffering through the hands of it.

Below is the list of the common air pollutants:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Radon
  • Nitrogen di oxide
  • Second hand smoke
  • Lead Particles
  • Asbestos
  • Mold

We take good food, take in account of hygienic factors to prevent bad health and in conclusion take in account everything through which we stay safe and healthy. But the indoor air is what we breathe, we depend our life on, we inhale directly affects the health. The substances cause such big harm that might be really bad for the long term for anyone who gets exposed to such pollutants.

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How they harm you:

Where these pollutants differ, the harm they cause also differs greatly. Every pollutant causes long and short term harm to the people who are exposed to it. The consequences caused might be small in the start but for the longer run they are very fatal. Below is listed the ways on how each pollutant can harm a person who is exposed to them:

Exposure to carbon Monoxide:

An odorless, invisible gas is definitely very difficult to sense. This slowly does it hazardous work. This gas not only pollutes the air, but tends to stop the body from inhaling the amount of oxygen it requires. People who are exposed to this pollutant often face dizziness, frequent headaches, and even a fast heart rate. It is so fatal that it could cause death if exposed to a greater concentration.

Exposure to Radon:

Again radon is a colourless, odourless gas that circulates and can never be detected. It is found naturally in the environment. Though it is very less in concentration but the long term affects are fatal. Longer exposures to this can cause the individual to develop lung cancer.

Exposure to nitrogen di oxide:

This toxic and corrosive gas is a common oxide of nitrogen. It is very toxic and has serious affects. Its affects are immeasurable at first, which makes it more dangerous. Pulmonary diseases are the result of its exposure.

Exposure To second hand smoke:

Second hand smoke, is the smoke that comes from the incompletely burnt tobacco products. Its mainly found in air and has both short and long term hazards. The short term include infection of nose an eyes. Even throat. In longer term, it is more problematic. It causes, bronchitis and lung cancer.


Exposure to lead particles:

Lead is what we commonly see around in pencils. It is one of the softest metal that is very toxic when consumed. Its effects are widely visible. Its exposure results in the permanent damage of renal system and nervous system. In short term it can cause serious behavioral issues. And even delayed growth in children.

Exposure to asbestos:

Absetos results in various lung disorders in the longer run. Though in short term it causes continuous coughing and can lead to severe problems.

Exposure to Mold:

These type of fungi grow indoors and outdoors. They might be harmless in situations but in some situations they can prove to be very hazardous. It exposure triggers skin allergic conditions in some people. Inflammation of the affected body parts and in some cases it also triggers asthma attacks.

The above prove to be very hazardous and each pollutant has severe effects on the health of people. Indoor can contain one of these or even a combination of these pollutants in the air. Each pollutant has an equal share of destructiveness, imagine the consequences when these are found in the same air you breathe every day and on which the functions of living depends. It’s a nightmare to even think of such an unlikable situation but this happens every day around us without even letting us properly get aware. The awareness is not just enough. The awareness was the first step you get a basis of the things we are subconsciously prone to. Even in the air we breathe. The correct measure in such a situation is getting rid of the pollutants in the air you breathe. By getting rid of the harm it brings. An indoor environment where you inhale pure air that has zero affects on your health. Bu how can it be achieved? Simple it can be easily prevented by air conditioning service by aircon servicing Singapore. Through these services the air you breathe in stays pollutant free. Aircon servicing Singapore does the service through aircon chemical wash. Above discussed all issues related to the air we breathe will be easily solved by availing these services. Conclusively, the indoors should be clean in order for the healthy survival. These services will ensure the security from such harmful substances that do nothing but cause harm. Thus, in conclusion where you do so much to life a healthy life, don’t ignore the indoor pollution. Because the air you breathe decides your health. This article is from MCL Aircon, a leading and best aircon servicing provider in Singapore

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