How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Moving to a new residence is a challenging task, and the special care and precautionary measures required to handle the glasses, mugs, and cups that you must have to use as soon as you get into your new house. So, when it comes to moving the better approach is to hire the Long-distance movers who can assist you and deliver all your belongings without any damage but if you don’t want to take the assistance, then read on this article to get all information regarding a safe moving plan.

The required tools and materials include Scissors, packing paper or newspapers, Bubble wrap, Boxes of appropriate size, Box dividers (if desired), and Packing tape. First of all, choose the glass of similar shape and size and securely wrap the glasses with two sheets of papers around the box making sure you line the inside by tucking in the paper ends. Nest and wrap the glasses by placing the second glass into the first one and then place two glasses on the stack of packing paper and insert the third glass.

Analyze the size and weight, then nest three to four glasses at your convenience. Now you have to wrap them using bubble paper and seal them by applying a piece of tape to them. Fill and Seal the boxes by putting the wrapped glasses in the box and if your box contains dividers then you won’t face any difficulty in adjusting the glass into it. If the box is simple without any dividers then place the wrapped glasses neatly in rows. Use bubble paper between them and add extra packing or bubble wrap on the top. Seal the box perfectly and then label the box with the name of the items so you won’t face any difficulty to finding out in your new home.

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