Factors to Consider Before Buying a Toilet Seats

How to choose the best toilet seats for your home, including professional advice on features like flushing systems, sizes, styles, sound, drinking water keeping efficiency, comfort and cleanability.

Standard close toilet seats

A typical close toilet seats can be modern or traditional however you like and will come in a number of materials and coatings. They may be easy to match and can suit a multitude of bathrooms.

Soft close toilet seats

This sort of seat was created to provide a mild closing system for the chair and lid such that it doesn’t bang against the dish if you release. Aswell as adding a sense of luxury, it may also be a good notion for family bath rooms, assisting to avoid trapped fingertips. Visit this website to get more insight, Seats for EAGO Toilets.

Toilet seat shapes

We stock the next shapes:

Circular toilet seats

By by far the most typical form available, traditional toilets usually need a round-shaped toilet seats.

Rectangular toilet seats

Usually found with modern style toilets, a rectangular toilet seats (or, more accurately, a rectangular toilet seat) features edges which are approximately parallel.

D formed toilet seats

A blend of the two 2 toilet seats above, a D formed toilet seats includes a flat hinge advantage and it is most normal with modern day toilets.

Toilet seat materials

The toilet seats utilize a number of different materials, which makes it easy that you can find the perfect match for your bathrooms.


That is one of the very most popular materials for modern toilet seats and a nice-looking, hardwearing finish off that’s easy to completely clean.

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Duroplast (Thermoset)

The best choice for an elegant, modern toilet seats, Duroplast (also called Thermoset) is a deluxe polymer materials that’s durable, hardwearing and can stay looking fantastic for a long time.

Built, moulded or wood

This a fantastic choice for further traditional restrooms, and will come in a selection of finishes to fit your natural oak, including ordinary white and style.

Special features

Look out for these nice features when buying your toilet seats.

Family toilet seats

When you have small children, a standard sized toilet can often be a little of challenging for them. We’ve just the answer, inside our Family toilet seats, which comes filled with a smaller chair that is guaranteed by magnets and can be flipped down when required.

Quick release mechanism

Cleaning your toilet seats can frequently be tricky and quite unpleasant. Quite a few seats feature a quick release system that allows you to easily take away the chair from its hinges for simple yet comprehensive maintenance.

Appropriate a toilet seats

Changing a toilet seats is generally a simple process, because so many have standard fixtures and require basic tools like a screwdriver.

If you’re choosing the new chair for a preexisting toilet, make sure to check on all the measurements to ensure it’ll fit. Toilet chairs come in a number of sizes and shapes, so you can’t ever assume it’ll fit a “standard” bathroom design.