My partner and i recognize that you’re searching for a specific look, and we’ll use you to ensure your custom neon sign is ideal. Echo Neon Studio is an expert in custom indications with beautiful contour slice support from reputable institutions that provide the piece the clean, high-end end you are considering.

At Echo Neon Studio, we’ve many years of experience crafting custom neon and LED indications to meet our consumers’ eyesight. From basic path indications to full, multi-colour large outdoor indications that focus on your brand and placement, we’ve the knowledge foundation, tools, and shop materials to produce the thing you need.

For many years, Neon Signals experienced a distinctive allure improving a mixture of reminiscence and a warm but futuristic appearance. Neon Indications catch the attention both throughout the day and during the night. Their shiny colours always catch the interest of the passer-by – if they are a possible client, or a visitor in your house or office.

For any business, if neon suits your brand, a custom hint can let customers know what your location is, what you do, and help them keep in mind where you are better. Inside, they may be a great option to immediate people inside your store or business – obviously featuring what’s where from a great vantage point.

Although once a pricey indulgence and marketing option for large companies, the art and expense of custom neon signs are actually something that smaller businesses and individuals are able.

A custom Neon indication might not cost just as much as you think. With this expertise and many years of experience crafting unique indications, and our long-time romantic relationship with among the better merchants of components and materials, we can get you an acceptable estimate for your custom neon sign. Fluorescents Mfg. is currently offering custom desktop neon indications too!

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If you are from a business or brand that wants to collaborate around or needs a big quantity of custom neon signs created at low cost, we’d like to know what you think. We are able to accommodate orders in to the thousands.

You may even inquire about our custom LED symbols. We offer both and can discuss the professionals and reasons against of every type with you.


The primary major between neon and PROVIDED is the aesthetic. Material neon is enchanting and comes with a nostalgic appear and feel. Fluorescents symptoms are made by hand from cup tubing. What or styles are bent from bits of cup and servings of the indication are painted dark to avoid those elements of the pipe from glowing. This creates separations between words or design elements. Neon symptoms generally have noticeable cables and insulator hats where the cable hook up to the neon pipe. There is also a transformer may perhaps be usually installed on the support of the indication, and is seen. However , it is possible to keep carefully the transformer out of view, please require more information if this is a problem.

Because of the delicate nature of cup, we can only just dispatch traditional fluorescents symptoms to the united states and Canada.


Nostalgic/ enchanting look
“Warmer” light
Weighing significantly less than tradition neon
Completely less costly than traditional fluorescents
More energy effective /produce less heat
No extra wiring or transformers necessary
Less delicate – travel well, ideal for industry events and so on

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