Can Water Be Cost Effectively Produced From Air?

The answer is YES, and Water Generating Systems (WGS) is a US based company that is leading the charge to solve the world’s water crisis. In 1999, a former Naval Officer named Steven “Spike” Karalekas became aware of a previously classified program commissioned by the US Navy to explore water technologies. One of these technologies was of particular interest to Spike – a system that could extract safe to drink water from air with relatively little energy.

In the mid-2000’s, Spike and a team of scientists formed WGS to acquire the core proprietary water-from-air technology from the US Government. They then set about refining the technology for commercial and residential use, and subjected their systems to the rigorous water standards testing required globally.  The results of their efforts are commercial and residential WGS water-from-air modular units that are easy to use and can produce drinking water for 3-to-7 cents per liter.

Previous companies had attempted to produce similar atmospheric harvesting systems, but energy costs were too high; the water, impure; or their systems couldn’t execute at scale. The systems produced by WGS are different. The water isn’t just pure, it exceeds standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization, and the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization.

​WGS’s system has been tested at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds by the US Army Developmental Test Command, and meets or exceeds all design and performance objectives. WGS’s system has also been tested with nearly all of the leading safety and testing facilities in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

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The greatest victory for the WGS team is the amount of water their systems produce. Simply put, the volume of clean water that WGS’s systems produce per unit of energy is historic. And, it’s that volume of water that can be produced which WGS hopes could play a key role in helping many parts of the world in critical need of clean water.