Boiler Replacement Guide

Modern central heating boilers are much safer, although it’s important to be sure you have any gas appliance serviced and checked out annually. You will possibly not know it to look at them however, many more aged boilers can present a danger if there’s a threat of exposure to dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide.
So replacing your old boiler will make your home safer plus they also reap the benefits of greater efficiency ratings, over 90% compared to 50% for a few older boilers. This better efficiency also means lower emissions so they are really considerably kinder to the surroundings.

The process of shopping for a new boiler can be daunting initially. What type of boiler do you will need? That is the best brand? Just how much does a new boiler cost? Fortunately, new boiler substitute is our preferred subject at Boiler Guide! Here we take you through the top decisions you will need to make and what you may expect in terms of the expense of new boiler set up.
Boiler Assembly Options and Prices
If you’re considering investing in a boiler replacement there are a variety of options to choose from, including:

Boiler Supply & Fit
Which means that both the boiler and the installation will be quoted for. Resource & fit is an excellent option if you want expertise from an installer on the best boiler to opt for and their skill in setting up it. This is through either a local installer, or a power supplier once we discuss in greater detail below.

Obtaining a boiler supply and fit is ideal if you want one company to take care of everything, and many engineers will have boiler manufacturer’s they can recommend from years of appropriate them successfully. On the other hand, if you have a specific boiler in mind it will probably be worth checking that the installer you speak to can source a specific model. If you’ve received your eye over a boiler and want to buy it yourself (and discover an installer to match it) you can opt for source only which we also cover in greater detail below.
Installation by an area Boiler Replacement Company
Whether you’re searching for a new boiler alternative or need a totally new central heat installed, your neighborhood heating engineer should be able to carry out the task for you. A skilled heating engineer should look into your existing boiler and current installation. He will discuss your alternatives and offer you with a estimate. To obtain a competitive price, we recommend you get three quotations and compare all of their advice and prices; don’t just go with the first company.


Should you decide to select an area engineer, they will usually purchase the boiler in your stead directly from a company and install your brand-new replacement boiler. With regards to the make and model, the boiler also needs to benefit from a warranty to give you satisfaction.

Get insurance quotes from local boiler and heating engineers via our free service. The quotes are free and there’s no responsibility. Oftentimes local engineers will give a very competitive rate because of their services. Prices quoted will vary, depending on the work engaged to displace your boiler, nevertheless, you should expect to pay around £1,500 – £3,000 for the supply and fit of an easy boiler replacement.

FROM YOUR OWN Energy Supplier
The likes of E.ON, Npower and Uk Gas – some of the UK’s major energy suppliers – may also be able to provide you with a new boiler alternative. After a scheduled appointment has been booked, their engineer will visit you to assess your boiler and provide you with a offer to install a modern condensing boiler.

Big brand protection is without doubt the biggest benefit for by using a nationwide installer. However, they are generally more pricey; you will probably pay anything from £2,500 to £4,000 for a typical boiler substitute from a nationwide supplier.

Buy Direct from the Distributor or Supplier (Resource Only)
You may be able to get a better deal by purchasing your boiler replacement from the maker or supplier directly. Find the best price by searching for the precise model you want online. However you must make sure the boiler you choose is the right replacement for your current boiler. Once you’ve purchased your brand-new boiler, you will need to get you to definitely fit it. Regarding a new gas boiler this must be considered a Gas Safe Recorded heating engineer. Using a heating engineer who isn’t Gas Safe Recorded isn’t only against the law but it’s dangerous. It could be difficult to source a heating engineer to fit a boiler they haven’t provided.
Boiler Warranties
A number of the bigger manufacturers such as Worcester, Vaillant and Ideal supply to 10 or even 12 calendar year warranties using their boilers. In the event the boiler is installed by an engineer who’s accredited with the maker, this usually extends the warranty. It’s important that either you or the installer registers the boiler with the manufacturer to ensure all warranties and guarantees are set up from day 1, and that you hold the boiler serviced with a Gas Safe engineer at least every 12 months.

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The warranties provided with the boiler are usually quite comprehensive and offer reassurance that the manufacturer will get your boiler back up and running again if a fault develops within the guarantee period. The word of the guarantee will change from brand to brand and might not exactly cover all parts and labour, so be sure you check all the facts.

Deciding on a Boiler Installation Engineer
Installing a gas boiler must be completed with a Gas Safe Registered engineer. And, to get the best price possible we recommend you get insurance quotes from approved boiler and heating engineers. The brand new boiler assembly cost can vary dramatically, depending on the company as well as the make and model but it’s important to have it installed properly to make sure your safety.

How Much is a fresh Boiler?
Based on the Energy Saving Trust there are considerable savings to be produced on energy bills if you’re upgrading your old G-rated boiler for a new A-rated energy conserving condensing boiler – enhance up to £350 per annum in reality.

While G-rated boilers can perform anywhere between 50-70% efficiency, A-rated models need to be at a minimum of 92% efficient to satisfy the Boiler Plus legislation which arrived to effect in April 2018. The greater energy inefficient your existing boiler the greater the keeping you’ll have the ability to achieve on your gross annual energy charges.
Of course purchasing a new boiler is a major investment. And probably a rather expensive one. In case your gas boiler replacement is straightforward – the gas tube is an satisfactory size and the flue remains in the same place – a typical all-inclusive price should maintain the spot of £1,800 to £2,300.
Although there are always a limited variety of Government grants open to help eligible households get their practical a grant for a new boiler, if you don’t meet up with the qualifying standards and are in receipt of specific benefits you’ll need to acquire it yourself. Many companies now offer finance arrangements which will enable you to definitely spread the cost of the boiler over monthly premiums somewhat than paying all in one go. Get more information in HOW DO I Finance a New Boiler?

The expense of a fresh gas boiler replacement will be based upon the brand of boiler, type, size and fuel type you will need to provide sufficient heat and warm water for your home. But an average gas boiler quote will range between £700 to £2,500. There are a few tips around that will help you to get the best new boiler bargains to ensure you don’t pay a cent more than you have to.

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Typical New Gas Boiler Costs
As we’ve already established boiler alternative costs are influenced by lots of factors, not least by brand and type. We’ve put together a set of popular boiler manufacturers and their typical costs. These prices are for the price tag on the boiler (with VAT) but don’t include the installation.

Your central heat will also have to be flushed which typically costs around £200 – £400. You may even need a new TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) or a magnetic filtration to snare sludge, dirt and grime and rubble and raise the efficiency and life of your central heat.
How Much Will Unit installation Cost?
Boiler unit installation costs will really depend on the work involved. In case the new boiler is usually to be installed in the same place as your old boiler you could be looking at a cost of around £600 but setting up it in a different location may be between £1,500 and £1,800. Comparing insurance quotes from several engineers is a superb way to lower costs.

Savings and Great things about a fresh Gas Boiler
Cheaper bills! Gas is an expensive fuel and prices continue to rise season in, year out. But by guaranteeing you hold the most effective boiler it can help to bring your bills down.
Help your house be a nicer destination to live. It will feel warmer and convenient.
Your home could be more energy efficient and more appealing to potential purchasers when you come to sell it.
A new A-rated boiler will lower your household’s carbon emissions cutting your impact on the surroundings!

Combi Boiler Prices
Combi boilers are perhaps the most frequent kind of new boiler installed, favoured by heating engineers and homeowners alike due to their compact size, simplicity and quick and easy installation. In fact more than half of all new boilers installed today are a combi.

Also called combination boilers, with this type of boiler you’ll reap the benefits of hot water and central heating on demand. A higher efficiency hot water heater and a central heating boiler wrapped up in one compact product, space saving combination boiler systems take away the dependence on a warm water tank, which keeps costs down.